Chapter 7 – Finding a Modelling Agency That Fits Your Needs

There are loads of modelling agencies around; the seasoned ones and those just springing up. The cruse of the whole deal lies in searching out the particular one that fills your needs.

By the way, what’s a modelling agency and what do they do exactly? Well, answering these questions could be a bit complex; but let’s give it a shot.

You should be aware that modelling agencies operate as small separate businesses with none operating similarly. It depends a lot on the market in which the agency is operating, the owners as well as agency’s personnel.

Another complexity with defining a modelling agency is the prevalence of rip-offs and scam agencies all around. Most desperate wannabe hot-headed models who know little or nothing about modelling often fall prey to such faceless scam outfits.

This makes it mandatory to find a good agency. It’s only when you do so that you can ever think of moving forward; fast; with your modelling aspirations.

Here are some tips that should help you with tracking down the right agency that could take you forward.

How To Track The Right Modelling Agency

It’s not a big deal finding a modelling agency since most of them can be found in the local yellow pages. They have actually made it easy for you. What is tricky is finding the RIGHT one.

When you do finally find the one that really does suit you, it’s advisable to check them out with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are any complaints against them. Loads of complaints should be a red flag to you. The fact is that there are no licensing agencies to tell you which ones are legitimate and which ones are not. While there are old ones and those closing up shops; you also have new ones springing up continually. This is really a tricky business.

No matter the agency you are checking out, or you want to offer your services; whether in New York or in your area, the following steps to finding a legitimate modelling agency do apply.


  • Find a listed modelling agency

To find the right modelling agency for you, you will have to check out the local yellow pages of the phone book under modelling agencies. Because modelling agencies want to be found easily, then you are sure to find a phone listing.

On the other hand, if there are no modelling agencies in your area, then you might want to check out the largest cities close to you. If a modelling agency is not listed on the yellow pages, then there is something wrong somewhere and a sure red flag that you should stay clear of them.

In addition, if you are approached by someone who claims to be a scout for a modelling agency and yet they can’t be found in a phone listing, this is a red flag also for you to beware.

  • Consult with the Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a good way of checking up on modelling agencies that interest you to find out complaints labelled against them. For an agency to show up complaints in the Better Business Bureau, then it has to be really bad.

Frankly, the BBB is not a guaranteed way of checking out the authority of modelling agencies. This is because new and some scam agencies might not show up complaints. Some legitimate agencies might not even be members of the BBB.

Though not a perfect way to check out modelling agencies status, it is a good place to start.

  • Do they offer after business-hour services

As with other businesses; modelling agencies have working hours. To find out if an agency is for you, try getting in touch outside business hours and see how they respond.

Modelling is a competitive and fast moving business and the need to be on the call 24 hours is very important. If the modelling agency’s phone is not answered outside business hours, it could be a real issue should an emergency come up. Every reputable agency should have its official line diverted to a personal number outside business hours to attend to such emergencies.

If this doesn’t happen with an agency that piqued your interest, then it is time to continue your search.

  • Study and research the market in your area

This is the best way to finding a modelling agency in your area. You study and research the market. The following tips will help in your study and research.

  1. Following the local news media (newspapers, TV) in your area is one way of finding out about available reputable agencies. There is every likely-hood that information on local agencies will show up. It is not unusual for the media to showcase the latest models; or just-signed-up models, and the modelling agency responsible.

Aside the agency that signed the model, you also get an upfront story on the judges and the agencies they represent.

Also, it is not uncommon for the media to narrate the ordeals of prospective models that were rip-offed and the scam agencies responsible. This will give you first-hand solid information, and serve as a guide / motivation in tracking the right agencies; even if you have to make cold-calls. The power of the media cannot be under-estimated in helping to find out reputable legitimate modelling agencies.

  1. Following the local fashion print advertising is another way of researching good reputable modelling agencies. All you need do, though it will take some real work, is to find out the local stores that are using models and then calling the stores to find out if they can link you with the person in charge of advertising and also if the person could link you up with the advertising agency as well as their photographer.

What you are doing here is to make calls to trace your way to a modelling agency supplying the models for the store ads. Though no one likes making cold calls, it is a sure and effective way to tracking down a legitimate agency with working models.

International Model Agencies: How To Know Which International Model Agency To Choose?

There are loads of international modelling agencies, and the real problem lies in knowing which one to contact. This is a major problem faced by aspiring models as they kick-start their journey in becoming the next top model.

The main thing is to know what kind of modelling you want; as well as where you would like to live and work. Your search for international agencies should be based on these criteria.

You should however bear in mind that since these are international agencies, you do not have to be based in the same location as the agency to model for them. This is one of the core benefits of signing up with an international agency. It allows models to work and live in various locations and thus give more international exposure.

There are many international agencies, and here are some other top ones that you might find interesting.

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