Fashion revolution Big change for the industry

New York fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has unveiled a new concept bringing a revolutionary change for fashion industry. The bold movement has been followed for other 25 fashion brands. We are seeing something historical

This legendary and venerable fashion icon is responsible for the most important change the industry has ever seen. However, this was hinted and already tried in other countries. Fashion brands present their collections with an impressive staging. The new trends alongside best supermodels and cool musicians dazzle you. Fashion industry sells a magical idea and you can talk about what was going to be stylish. All collections are ahead of what is fashionable. The idea has always stated that what you are seeing would be available 6 months later. This is what has always taken place but not anymore.

The new concept is to allow consumers to purchase the outfits they are seeing live on the catwalk. Henceforth, you are to be able to purchase the new outfits just as you discover them. Brands will present original collections that will be immediately available on the internet, in shops and everywhere.

Tommy Hilfiger has explained that there are numerous ways that inform us about the new campaigns these times. As a consequence, fashion was on the verge of being obsolete if they were to keep the same strategy. As social media pretends by giving consumers the power, fashion industry does want to do the same. If you like something you see on the catwalk you could buy it soon thereafter. Topshop, Burberry or Michael Kors are other brands following this revolutionary idea.

However, some pundits are explaining the problems attached. Some state this could only be embraced by big brands with plenty of power to provide retailers with new outfits. They care about the future because they think this is going to change the fashion industry forever. Perhaps it loses glamour. Perhaps it will no longer be an art. They expect numerous changes are to follow. For instance, some worry about something as precious as creativity. If everything must be visible so soon creativity will suffer from thereby the quality will be worst likewise. On the other hand, others claim fashion shows are old-fashioned because is no necessary to see supermodels wearing expensive costumes. Everything should be display on the internet.

In my opinion, art (and fashion is an art) has to be sophisticated. Consequently, it must be able to reach both mundane issues such as buying a piece of clothing and presenting a unique collection premiered by a perfect supermodel. Just like a cinema has to show movies. A book ought to be available in paper and a rock band able to perform live.

What do you think? Is fashion seeing the inception of a new age or it is only a novelty to the traditional system?. Do share and comment!!!