Each and every fashion term you should know about

A pretty didactic fashion story Halcombe brings you today!!! Because you love fashion, you should be an expert regarding anything related to this world. Therefore, discover some cool concepts that will make you an expert (or at least seeming one). Study each and every fashion term you are to read!!!


This is a fashion term that perhaps is unknown to you because is not usually used by ordinary people. This is very specific.

When a model is so relevant that walks the best catwalks throughout the world, we use the term high fashion.  This is mainly used by insiders, people who are on the fashion industry.

However, for people outside the industry, high fashion is the translation of the French term Haute Couture. In this regard, high fashion refers to special and expensive clothes that have been designed and produced by important brands.


The English for it could be ready to wear but everybody uses the French Pret a porter as it sounds chic. You have read about special clothes in the last paragraph, Pret a porter refers to common clothes, more accessible for consumers in the sense Pret a porter is not as exclusive and expensive as High Fashion.

Pret a porter refers to clothes designed to be purchased in ordinary shops as brands also trust on average consumers to have profits.


Street Style does not come from fashion pundits or big labels but from the streets. Ordinary individuals who create their outfits or invent looks have this term representing them.

Street Style epitomizes the originality and knowledge of people who live a life outside the fashion industry. Everybody can embrace street style. What are you waiting for??


Bralette is the sensation of the season. In fact, many brands have bet on it as the piece of clothing to wear on. This is a new kind of bra.

Wonderbra was the sensation in 1990s and they want to do now the same with bralette. To say the truth, maybe you are wearing it now or you bought one no long ago. There will be a post about this piece of clothing as you are going to hear a lot about it.

The main difference between a bralette and an ordinary bra is that a bralette is lighter, similar to comfortable sport clothes.


I have always found peculiar the origin of this fashion term because it refers to Nimes, a French city. Denim is used on a wide range of pieces of clothing, from boots to shorts, albeit it is more popular for being the key fabric of jeans. Roughly speaking, denim is a cotton cloth.


Are you a fashionista? Is Halcombe one of them? A fashionista is a new fashion concept that has become popular.

You can found the hashtag fashionista on social media easily. There are a lot of fashionistas in the world of fashion. Indeed, a fashionista refers to a person who writes for or works on the fashion industry.

By the way, Halcombe is more than a mere fashionista!! Do you agree?? Do share and comment.