Erron Morad in “Who is America?”, and Halcombe on publishing a Christmas story.

I want to introduce the reader to a very funny character that appears in a television series I am enjoying. This character is called Erron Morad, he is from Israel. The title of this TV series is “Who is America?“. Furthermore, you will discover a Christmas story I am planning to publish (sooner or later). Keep reading…


After two middling movies such as “The Brothers Grimsby”, or “The Dictator” Sacha Baron Cohen and his team have found a perfect format for them to shine. “Who is America?” is a 30 minutes show for television that fits perfectly.

Because the programme is shorter than a movie, the appearances of the dissimilar characters impact on viewers harder than when they make a movie. There are 5 new characters invented by Sacha Baron Cohen. In my opinion, the best of them is Erron Morad.


Captain Erron Morad is an Israeli anti-terrorist expert. He wants to implement his knowledge into the United States in order to fight against radical terrorism. Not only the acting of Sacha Baron Cohen is superb, but the adventures of this character are also always funny.

What is more, he interviews relevant American people who seem fools as Erron Morad makes them look like that. I do not want to provide further details, but if you can see this show do pay attention to this Israeli character: Erron Morad.


Sacha Baron Cohen is one of my favorites comedians. What he does is really, really difficult. This is one of the reasons I am happy he has been nominated to a Golden Globe. I hope he could garner it as he clearly deserves it. By the way, Spanish actors: Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas have been nominated too.

I recommend everybody to watch this television series: “Who is America?”. However, I do not know if they should do a second season owing to the nature of the series.


The day before Christmas, “Nochebuena” in Spanish (something like “Goodnight” in English), of 2014, Halcombe wanted to go out. In fact, this day is really important insofar as people come back to their hometowns. Thus, people gather in order to hang out and have a good time. However, despite wanting to go out my group of friends insulted me and preventing me from doing so.

As a result, I went to bed too early almost crying. The following day, Christmas day, I wrote a funny story, a very funny one. My aim was to celebrate 31st December properly because the last day of the year one should show good humor. Indeed, this funny story epitomizes black humor.

Only one person has read it and time has passed. The other day I woke up thinking I ought to publish it with a very fancy cover. I felt I had to do it. Nonetheless, this story is short and perhaps it is a waste to publish it alone, because I want to publish the second part of the first book I published. (My first book Ser un Tusitala).

It would be lovely to have it for Christmas and I do want to have it with me even though nobody buys it. This is the hesitation I am having. Should I publish a book, a Christmas story with scarcely 5 pages or it is way better to include it in a longer book?

What do you think? Do share and comment.