Enjoying Paris and my name in sign language because of a 42 years marriage!!!

As my parents celebrate 42 years of marriage this week I took them to Paris, the capital of France. City of light and love. By the way, do you like the picture that this post depicts?? The funny thing about is that sign depicts my real name. How can it be true?? Because my mother tongue is sign language and 42 years is nothing!!! Keep reading. 


Indeed, the sign you see is my name in Sign Language, and it is a beautiful sign because it means I love you/we love you/ in American Sign language. My mother tongue is Spanish sign language that is not exactly American sign language, this happens because even though sign language can look similar every country has its own distinct sign language.

As a result, this sign only means my name in Spanish Sign Language, but if you do not know me it means nothing in this particular Sign Language dialect.


42 years is a lot of years. To celebrate it I visited Paris with my parents last week. They are deaf hence my real name and my real mother tongue. Furthermore, because they do not have so many opportunities to travel abroad  I traveled with them too. If they have troubles living in their own country, guess how many they can have in a foreign one… We enjoyed Paris a lot; we did plenty of things and visited beautiful places as I always do with them. (Read my old article about Rome)


The day we arrived in Paris was also the date of the match between Belgium and France, these two teams were playing in order to reach the World Cup final. In fact, only two hours prior to the start of the game we found our hotel.

I really believe French people love their country as everybody showed it off, however the age, however their look. As you may know, France won the cup albeit I thought Belgium was going to beat them as I was watching the match against Belgium in an amazing French atmosphere.


Every big city has a very special museum, Madrid without going any further has Museo del Prado. Yet, there is something else with Paris and Louvre, perhaps it is the original design, perhaps is it having such iconic painting as Mona Lisa but I really think there is something else about the Louvre.

What I discovered and enjoyed was one of my favourite paintings ever: “La liberté guidant le peuple” (“Liberty leading the people“). This painting was made by Eugene Delacroix in 1830, he appears in the painting too. (If you want to see a video and pictures of this painting follow this link: Delacroix).

There is an exhibition that shows the life and work of Eugene Delacroix. The thing with this painting is that I both studied it in two different subjects; Modern History and History of Art at high school, and this is also why I did have such a vivid memory of it.

What is more, the painting is really impressive as other paintings of Delacroix and one of his statements:  “Vous me traitez comme on ne traite que les grands morts” Eugene Delacroix. (You treat me as only the glorious dead are treated)

I have written too much this week, I will be talking more about this recent trip to Paris soon. Please, do share and comment.