Eat as much as your hands decide it

Society wants you to consume. Halcombe wants you to be perfect. Following older posts which depicted real ways to attain such a glorious notion as perfection, this one, besides, will put our plan into action in a definitive manner. Do you notice your hands? Well, this is everything you need. 

Note that you do not need difficult ways to improve your health, body and image. Your mind is the key element to become successful. Yet, our mind must be full of great ideas. There is an easy and even funny method to eat the calories you need in a daily basis. Save money from buying expensive food beverages you cannot even pronounce correctly.

Our hands and fingers will lead our journey through perfection. We have 5 fingers, these fingers represent the 5 times we can eat during the whole day. What is more, our hands will teach us which the proper size of our meals must be.

In order to discover how your food rations have to be, you only have to take into account the size of your hands. It is as simple as it sounds.


Let´s start with fruits and vegetables. Apart from eating fruits and vegetables 5 times per day, like the fingers in your hands. The size of fruits and vegetables you must eat, must be as big as the capacity of your two hands. In other words, take some fruits and some vegetables and hold them in your two hands. This is the exact size you must eat.


Now it is the turn of meat and fish. Fish and meat are in the same level. Extend one of your hands and study the size of your hand. The fish or meat you are to eat can never exceed the size of your open, extended hand.

The size of the fingerprint of your thumb represents the size of sugar you have to eat daily. As you read an article of Halcombe regarding sugar, you may remember the accurate dose of it, 25 grams.

When it comes to fat, you have to see your two bigger fingers to discover how much fat you must ingest. For instance, the amount of cheese to consume could never exceed the size of your index and middle fingers together.


Finally, the amount of pasta you must eat daily must be as big, as the quantity one of your hands can grab. Rice and pasta are on the same level. It is as easy as reading this.

Take this in mind because one of our biggest mistakes is to eat too much. Indeed, it takes a while until our body informs us we should stop eating. If we measure the size of the food we eat daily, our figure will reach perfection.

What you have read will be probably the secret of many people you admire. They will never confess this. On the other hand, Halcombe is proud to telling you about it. Do share and comment.