A dream I had plus other good and bad issues I am experiencing

I want to talk about three different issues I have experienced and can make a very interesting reading. First of all, I dream I had recently. Secondly, something exciting that has taken place in the United States and lastly, something really frightening but real…


I had a dream recently in which I was doing a model photoshoot for Escarcha Models and completing a portfolio with fancy pictures. Subsequently, my portfolio became popular and I was able to have my first job as a model. However, I did not forget my readers here. Indeed, I was writing a story talking about my photoshoot for Escarcha Models and another one with regards to my first fashion job.


I talked about my first book in English here. My book the adventures of Halcombe Norilsk and other gripping tales, has received a very positive review in the United States. It has received four stars out of five. It makes you very happy and joyful. This book is available worldwide. I will not reproduce all of it because it is long but here you have some words. I hope you can find the following interesting, these are some lines from the reviewer.

The Adventures of Halcombe Norilsk is a dryly funny account of self-discovery. Halcombe’s The Adventures of Halcombe Norilsk is a memoir about one man’s dreams, shared in a series of humorous and often mocking essays exploring desires for fame and inspiration. Essays regarding Halcombe’s life are framed as if he’s a folk hero. He travels and explores various career avenues, including those of a musician and a politician, hoping to become well-known.

These adventures lead to his most significant chance at greatness, when he sends his manuscript off to a publisher. His self-referential writing weaves into the essays that follow, which range from autobiographical to his personal thoughts on topics such as pop culture. Anecdotes often have a satirical or self-mocking flavor….

All essays considered together, it seems clear that this is a collection meant to be enjoyed and taken lightly. The writing style varies between essays. Some get right to the point; others use more descriptive language. At times, language is humorous and witty. Tones are made to match their topics—sorrowful, snarky, or inquisitive as is necessary. The Adventures of Halcombe Norilsk is a dryly funny account of self-discovery


Apart for the dream and this great review that can help my book to be successful, there is something else. Perhaps you saw on the news that Macron, the new president of France invited Trump to French national day last week. Donald Trump went to Paris to see the military parade. Yet, there was more such day. In fact, Macron left Paris in the afternoon and arrived in Nice, in the south of France. In Nice there were different personalities, the king of Monaco, former French presidents such as Sarkozy or Hollande. Likewise, the political representatives of that region.

The reason they were there it was a sad one. I wrote about it here and I was with tears in my eyes this time watching it because France was paying homage to those who died last year in Nice. As you may remember reading older posts of mine, I was very close to the fatal terrorist attack of 2016. In fact, the place in which these politicians were standing it was really close to our hotel. The attack not happened far from we were. A lot of people died. We felt it, but I am alive to write this post and future ones. Do share and comment.