The decision. The choice of Halcombe

I was told once personal experiences are interesting for the reader and I am doing so on this article. It can be good to mix things up. Sometimes I write about tips, others about famous models or brands and today you can discover my current situation. Halcombe has to make a choice. 

Spain has been under siege. The situation has been awful because of a recent terrorist attack. You probably had already heard of it. At the same time, the hotness of August does not invite for anything, but a lot is happening with regards to Halcombe. Indeed, Halcombe does have to make a choice.


I am studying to face some examinations this September. I have some tests to carry out. However, different companies want to hire me. In fact, I have to make a choice as two enterprises do want to hire me at the same time. Both of them are good. As a result, the decision is not easy at all.

I was so focused on these examinations that I only thought about these exams. All of a sudden, two job opportunities cropped up. The same Recruiters Team offered me two different positions at the same time.


One of them is a very good company that sells cars throughout the world. They are from Germany. The positive aspect of this enterprise is that it is really close to my home. Less than 20 kilometers to say the truth. The negative aspect can be to admit I will start from scratch as I have never worked there. However, they are only hiring me because of my English diplomas, hence it may not be so difficult.


I published on this blog one story about an experience I had in Toronto, Canada, working as English/ Spanish translator. A new Zara store was going to open at Eaton Centre, central Toronto.

The same company called me unexpectedly as they wanted to hire me again to travel to Canada immediately. I had to be in Montreal, in the region of Quebec. In this Canadian region, they have a native command of French apart from English. As a matter of fact, French is an official language.

I know the work and the past experience was great, yet having to travel so far is not good at all. What is more, I paid for doing these examinations. There is a possibility, doing my examinations in the city of New York as there is a centre where you can make them. The problem is the company did not allow me to make the exams as I will be representing them and it can be dangerous according to some. I was going to lose my examinations and be living far from home.

On the other hand, I could still be living in my current home and doing the examinations and maintaining my lifestyle with this other job opportunity. Nevertheless, I have never worked for them before, plus living adventures can be exciting.

Lastly, there is the last choice, say no to these two enterprises and keeping my current situation. In the end, what did happen? What has Halcombe decided? You will discover it in the next article. Do share, rate, and comment.