Coming back home (My bad)

I have to apologize to all readers of this blog of Halcombe for Escarcha Models. This last month of October has not been too productive as far as writing posts is concerned. The good news is though, I am back to my country hence it would be easier for me to publish more. What is more, a brand new Zara store has opened its doors in the state of New Jersey, United States of America. Keep reading to discover how my business trip ended and how I came home.


It was impossible for me to write new stories for Escarcha Models last October. At 5 am a limousine would take us from our hotel in Colts Neck to Raceway Mall in Freehold, all of this inside the state of New Jersey. We stayed there so late we came back to our hotel at half past eight at night sometimes.

The last week was even worse. Big bosses from the company came, consequently, we did not stop at all. The opening day was October, 26th. This dateline was final. What is more, everything had to be perfect. The last working day thereby, October, 25th, we worked 20 hours. Yes!! I worked 20 hours more or less. I went to bed at 1 am after having started the day at 5 am. The following day, the opening day, we came to the store very early nonetheless.

Notwithstanding the stressful last days seeing the opening of the Zara store was mesmerizing. Likewise, the last days are really magical as well for different reasons. First of all, you feel you are to be in your home soon as the job is going to finish. Moreover, you realize how much everything has changed. The store is already built and while many workers leave other people to arrive in order to open a proper Zara shop. Fashion pundits choose the clothes, some experts organize everything… the ambience is so charming you feel proud of your job.

These last days I dreamed about the people working all around me. This store is really beautiful and if you have been to this Zara store in RaceWay Mall, New Jersey, I hope you leave a comment on this post.


One hour after the store opened we received some news. Our job had been positive, in consequence, we were going to be back in Spain really soon. Indeed, our limousine waited on us so that starting our way back home immediately. We went to our hotel, we packed our suitcases and we headed to JFK airport (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) in New York City.

The following day we woke up in Madrid and I reached my village, Tarazona, Spain after having taken a high-speed train. Just when I opened the door of my home, television was on fire talking about politics… but this is not the bad of Halcombe at all. In fact, new stories may be read here soon. Do share and comment.