Colts Neck, Monmouth county, state of New Jersey, United States of America

I am now in a beautiful place called Colts Neck, Monmouth County, state of New Jersey, United States of America. This is what I am currently experiencing. 

Apart from my laptop and my smartphone, I also had a small camera. I take pictures and record videos so that update my YouTube account. I had some mesmerizing recordings insofar as such showed Lac Lakeshore in Montreal or Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto.

Last Saturday I was making videos from Colts Neck, New Jersey, I did not have enough space on my device. Therefore, I deleted one video, this was what I thought. However and to my horror, I had deleted the entire catalogue of pictures and videos I started when this business trip commenced. I felt horrible and even foolish because I have lost all my pictures and videos, there was material for a lot of great posts and videos.


I am not working in this Colts Neck Township, but in a mall in Freehold, a nearby village. There was a big problem because the place where we stayed at first was a decaying motel in the middle of nowhere. It was so horrendous I did pray often in order to avoid having to visit the bathroom for instance.

Similarly, the people hanging around were no my cup of tea. In fact, this place was such a disgusting hovel it could be the subject of a horror movie. I had nightmares therein. Besides, I had a strange sensation in the morning when I woke up, do you know what I mean? The feeling of having some little friends living in the same room…

Thank god last Friday we could change our hotel and now we are in a wondrous place. So great it is there is even a jacuzzi in the room. We are now in Colts Neck, New Jersey, a truly beautiful village. Bruce Springsteen recorded his album Nebraska in a house he rented in this village. Likewise, comedian Jon Stewart was born here as other famous people did.

New Jersey is the garden state, Colts Neck proves this extent. There are trees and grass everywhere. Many businesspeople from New York City have bought houses here, there are some that are just incredible. Colts Neck is included in the metropolitan area of New York.

Not only the hotel is amazing, we discovered some other great places as well. We discovered a lot of interesting places to eat, drink, buy and even exercise:

  1. Free Will Fitness; a great place to exercise and embrace fitness.
  2. Perkins Restaurant and Bakery; this is where we have lunch, the food is great and it offers a wide array of dishes.
  3. Green Meadows Restaurant. We had dinner here the day we arrive at Colts Neck, New Jersey, and it is a very nice place.

However, the best of the best is Delicious Orchards, Food Market. The picture of this post depicts the pumpkins they offer at their main entrance now. You can find anything, any food you are craving for and all of them of the utmost quality.

Colts Neck, New Jersey is a great place and one feels in heaven. Have you ever been to Colts Neck, New Jersey?? Do share and comment.