To which city should I travel; Dublin, Moscow, Amsterdam, Lima or Paris???

We all are supposed to have fun this summer, we must read good novels, going to the nearby swimming pool, exercise, attend to parties… Yet, there is something that is utterly compulsory and it is to travel. There are 5 cities I am thinking about visiting. Indeed, to which city should I travel this summer; Dublin, Moscow, Amsterdam Lima o Paris??? Can you help me? 


I have never been to Russia, but I have always admired this country. I am not really sure why but I have Moscow idealized. Perhaps it is the cold, the novels I have read, but I am a great admirer of the history of Russia. I was a big fan of Moscow when I was studying History in High School to say the truth.

As a matter of fact, my character Halcombe Norilsk was born in Siberia (Norilsk by the way) in Russia. For instance, I would love to see the Red Square as I have found it really incredible when I do see it on television.


Amsterdam it is a dreamed city. It has always been. I have always wanted to be there when I was a teenager, it seems to epitomize freedom and style. Furthermore, Escarcha Models main headquarters are in this city, thus it could be a perfect opportunity to visit it.

Similarly, I have dreamed of doing a photoshoot about which I will write later on here as I would love to have professional photographs. Amsterdam should be an unforgettable experience and I feel I should travel to it.


I have met several people from Peru, and all of them are really nice. One of the characters in my novel El Verano de Natalie Davis (the Summer of Natalie Davis), it is a girl from Peru inspired by an intimate friend I have in this country. What is more, I have an affection for Peru that it is also the place where my sister perished. Hence, I want to see Lima, the capital. Many people have told me plenty of exciting things about it. The problem is that during the summer it is winter in South America.


Perhaps it is because I have been studying Irish literature recently or because Irish fighter Conor McGregor made me pen a character, but I do really want to visit Dublin. The sheer magic of James Joyce (the only one writer who has always published a masterpiece) and it is interesting history, obliges me to feel like visiting Dublin soon.


I was once in Paris, it was a lot of years ago and I was only for less than three days. There is a trip I am intending to do and it has Paris on it as well. However, the reader must remember what I experienced the last time I was in France.

If you do have a good memory you should know what did happen. In fact, I witnessed a terrorist attack in the south of France, in Nice. Living a mortal terrorist attack in Nice, France

In end, What will take place??? Do not worry, you will be the first to discover it here, on this blog. Have you been to any of these cities??? Any advice?? Do share and comment.  If you speak Spanish try my blog Ser un Tusitala