Cipotegato, an exciting tomato party in my hometown

Would you like to know more about Halcombe? Discover Cipotegato, a very exciting party that takes place in my hometown every summer. This is going to surprise you. Keep reading. 


I live in Tarazona, a village in the province of Zaragoza, northern Spain. I live in a very rural area. However, there is a unique event every year.


The tomato party Cipotegato, takes place every 27th of August in the morning in my hometown Tarazona. People clad in white throw tomatoes to each other.

When the bell rings and it is twelve o’clock, a special character called Cipotegato opens the door of the local hometown.

Cipotegato has to traverse the main square of my village where thousands of people wait on to throw tomatoes at him or her.

He/she runs throughout the streets of my village with a group of friends who defend him/her from a rain of tomatoes. When he/she comes back, Cipotegato gets somewhat a kind of redemption, as a result, the annual festivities do commence. (You must presence this to fully understand it).

This is not a random invention as Cipotegato is a mythical figure which comes from the middle ages. At that epoch, it was possessed of a religious meaning. Nowadays, Cipotegato is a harbinger for excitement.


This tomato party does not only represent the character but even a true historical event in the following way. There was once a prison in Tarazona centuries ago, and every year a prisoner had a last chance of freedom.

If he were to escape from the streets of Tarazona he would be free forever. Nonetheless, little did he know that people were waiting on with stones ready to be thrown. As a consequence, one had not many chances of success…


Times do have changed and now people thrown soft tomatoes instead of stones and this has created a unique festival which opens the “Fiestas of Tarazona”.

This tomato party was declared of regional interest in 1998 and national interest in 2009. Every year there is a public draw where Cipotegato is elected; people born in this Spanish city can present themselves as candidates.


Cipotegato has been celebrated for a long time. However, there is another tomato party, a tomato festival in the region of Valencia in Eastern Spain that it is very famous.

Indeed, this tomato activity “La Tomatina” is rather popular and it even has international attention. This is also because that city is close to the sea; hence it has more international tourism I presume.

This is why you may also find this Cipotegato story even more interesting. Therefore, why do not you try and you experience this tomato party??

I truly believe you will be bereft speechless if you see the whole event. What do you think??? Please, share, and comment.