Cheap beauty tricks to look radiant while saving money

On the first article of this 2017 we were talking how we are always deceived when the new year begins. In fact, January is a dangerous month because we usually do not have plenty of money. On this article you are going to discover effective beauty tricks that cost almost nothing. 

Beauty brands that sell cosmetics have an outstanding high revenue. Primal foods are essential for these labels. Indeed, these enterprises use natural goods to manufacture popular creations and these are the nutrients we need as well.

If we are clever we may save a huge amount of money because there is nothing as natural products.


Who has not dreamed on having a white, shining smile? Visiting a dentist can be overly expensive. As a result, try this at home; mix salt with lemon juice and brush your teeth once a week with the resulting liquid.

Some say the result is incredible, sheer magic. The best of all is your budget is going to be zero when it comes to spend on whitening.


How many facial masks are out there? How many of them are free? The ones Halcombe recommend you!!! Take the following into account:

  • A natural facial mask made of honey and a boiled potato. This works as a rejuvenating cream. You are going to look younger.
  • In order to eliminate oil from your face use this one; apply homemade  tomato juice all over your face for 15 minutes in the morning.
  • Similarly, another one that works is a mixture of egg-white and a dozen of grapes. Use it on your face daily and the effect will surprise you positively.
  • There is even other one that has a lifting effect in your face. Write this down; mix egg-white with cucumber, lemon juice and a dash of sunflower oil.

This will be perfect when all of us will be both old and afraid of Botox and surgeons!!!


One final recommendation that is utterly free. There is no money involved at all. It is true we have to spend money to buy food.

But one of the best tricks to have a good body it is to chew the food one hundred times before swallow anything.

If you think one hundred times it too much, bear the food in mind and chew it as much as you could before fully eat anything.

You will be aware of the amount of food you are eating and your body will have more time to digest anything. Besides, it will have to deal with smaller portions of food that allows you to have a good body.


As a matter of fact, this is one of the beauty secrets of Kate Moss. A true fashion icon, she has always eaten really slowly in order to have the food introduced in her pert body.

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