Bralette, the new clothing sensation

I promised readers of Escarcha models on my post, fashion terms you should know about, that we would talk about the bralette. This is because bralette is the clothing sensation of the season. On this post you can wholly discover what bralettes are all about. 

To be honest, the va-va-boom of many successful movies, pop artists or marketing campaigns depends on sexy clothing. As a matter of fact, the body of a woman is the key part by which many obtain inspiration.

A sexy model clad in fine clothes is on what fashion brands rely as it epitomizes perfection. Lingerie and intimate clothes are essential and bras are a piece of clothing that never gets old-fashioned.


In 1990s Wonderbra was the sensation. Those first supermodels who still look impressive, such as Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford break into our lives at the same speed Wonderbra became essential.


Nowadays, it is the bralette the piece of clothing that does want to become essential when it comes to lingerie. No matter some experts claim breasts are better with no lingerie at all; the turn of bralettes has begun. It seems unstoppable.

One of the perks of bralettes is that brands only have to sell them in 5 sizes. Conversely, this does not take place when selling ordinary bras. Victoria´s Secret, one of the biggest lingerie retailers does promote bralette heavily. Angels wear them all the time as a result.

Bralettes want to provide consumers with confidence and also they come with frills intended to look stylish. In real terms, brands save money as bralettes are less expensive and easier to manufacture than underwire bras. What is more, this invention is intended to defeat Push-up bras.


Notwithstanding the strategy of big firms, consumers may not be happy with this new trend. Many are not perky with bralettes and prefer traditional bras.

Big multinationals widely promote bralettes. At the same time, ordinary citizens are not able to find the right size for them when purchasing one.

On the other hand, other consumers feel grateful for this invention. Bralettes can be worn alone as if they were only a piece of clothing. This is because it is at the same time; a bra and a piece of clothing.


We have already mentioned one of the most interesting aspects of bralettes is its versatility. In fact, you can wear it as a piece of lingerie or as a complement. When using it as this last function you have a lot of options.

These 3 are verily interesting for anyone to bear in mind. You can wear a bralette with jeans, with a skirt or combine it with a skirt and a denim jacket.

Anyhow, bralette is here to change our lives. It depends on the taste and experience of every person to make it successful. However, given how big brands are embracing this clothing you are going to hear a lot about it.

Have you already tried a bralette? Do you like this invention? Do you prefer traditional bras? Share and comment.