Black Friday shopping look

Do you like the picture you see? It was my attire during Black Friday last week. Do you celebrate Black Friday in your country? We are celebrating it now in Spain too. Do you think my look is cool? Discover how I got it.  


To be honest, I did not buy any of the clothes I am wearing on the picture depicted in this post. This is what it has made me write this post. In fact, I did not buy anything at all, albeit I saw plenty of interesting clothes. However, I read once that brands have some clothes which they offer only on special occasions. What is more, those clothes tend to be inferior in quality to the clothes stores usually offer.

Seeing the queues and the hurries of the workers at the stores, I started to scrutinize everything, hence I did not buy anything because I did not feel like doing it plus I like to do things when I want to do them.


What do you think of my black Friday shopping look? Do you want to know where I purchased the outfit? Take note!!


First off, let’s see my sneakers. The last day of my 55 hours in Madrid (read my recent story 55 hours in Madrid) it was exciting. Besides, it was when I bought these sneakers. It was not easy to decide the ones I was going to buy.

Indeed, there were some really appealing. In the end, I bought the ones you see. They should be used to running, yet I have no intention to run with them. These Nike sneakers have a special protection aimed at keeping you warm during winter and cold days. It is really fancy to walk with them to say the truth.


Do you remember my old story Shopping fancy clothes in Canada? I hope so as it was a cool (in my opinion of course) story where I explained I had a free weekend while in Canada where I discovered a surprising store in central Toronto. Because I was in North America these Levis jeans were especially cheap. The best of all is these jeans are really comfortable, plus I believe these jeans suit me.


Mango is a Spanish brand from Catalonia. It is not as famous as Zara is overseas, yet in Spain, you can find plenty of Mango stores. I bought this sweater in Zaragoza, the fifth biggest city in Spain, and the nearest big city to my village, Tarazona. I like the colour of this sweater and how it combines with my jeans.


To end up (I do not really think my readers are interested in my underwear) I have to talk about my jacket. It is a Zara jacket that it is not too warm. However, it is really stylish and it fully completes my Black Friday Shopping look.

I did not buy anything such day, yet…Do you really believe I should have after wearing the look you see in this post? What do you think??? Do share and comment.