Barbara Palvin for Agent Provocateur and Camila Cabello for Guess

Let´s talk today about funny and exciting fashion campaigns. My last post was about politics, as a result, perhaps it is recommendable to talk about fashion campaigns today. Firstly, Hungarian model Barbara Palvin stars an incredibly hilarious lingerie advertisement for British fashion brand, Agent Provocateur.

Similarly, American popstar Camila Cabello did something similar when she starred a fashion campaign for Guess last summer. Keep reading!! British brand Agent Provocateur and American brand Guess are two major companies which I really like. 

                                                                      BARBARA PALVIN

Barbara Palvin was on the verge of being a Victoria´s Secret angel. In fact, she worked for the company. Subsequently, she worked for Intimissimi, hence she stopped working for the American lingerie brand, albeit she appeared regularly in Sports Illustrated magazine. In fact,  she was chosen rookie of the year if I am not wrong.

Barbara Palvin is a Hungarian model, discovered as a teenager when she was in a demonstration in the streets of Budapest with her mum. She did want to change the situation of her country, yet what changed was her career and life forever


 I have just discovered a very funny ad for British lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. This advertisement has Barbara Palvin as the main protagonist.  Hotel Au Provocateur is full of people with no clothes on.

All of a sudden, Barbara Palvin appears changing the situation as she shows the girls who are at the hotel how a woman should dress. This campaign is superbly funny.


Starting December, Love magazine creates a daily fashion campaign with the most prominent models. Last year, one of the most mesmerizing campaigns was starred by Barbara Palvin as she rendered an imitation of Sharon Stone in her movie classic Basic Instinct. So funny the video is that she ended it asking the police officer “Have you ever f….. on cocaine? It is nice”. 

Check it out the Barbara Palvin campaign for Love Magazine paying homage to Sharon Stone and Basic Instinct.


Camila Cabello is an American pop star from Florida, the United States of America. Her family is both from Mexico and Cuba. She was the leader of a pop band, Fifth Harmony. Nevertheless, once she has left this girl formation, she has become a superb star.

Indeed, her debut album as a sole singer is one of the best of 2017. Songs such as Crying in the club and Havana are really powerful. In my opinion, Crying in the club is amongst the best 10 songs of 2017.

Both the photographs and the advertisements Camila Cabello did for Los Angeles brand Guess are impressive. Guess is a fashion brand I do really like. They always create unique campaigns, the campaigns they created with Camila Cabello are extremely beautiful. It was really pleasant to see the clothes that belong to such collection. Check it out!!!

I have prepared plenty of new posts about politics and the situation in different parts of the world. Yet, I have thought that perhaps it was better to refresh the reader with amazing fashion campaigns. Stay tuned. Do share and comment.