Balmain makes Victoria´s Secret to become punk in a surprising show in China

Balmain has unveiled an incredible new punk collection for Victoria´s Secret. The annual Victoria´s Secret Fashion show has taken place in China for the first time. What you can find in this post is something exclusive because the show will air next week as the Balmain collection. Yet, why I am saying it was surprising?? Keep reading…


Ming Xi is a Chinese model who became prominent after winning a fashion contest in a Chinese fashion reality tv show. She is from Shangai, just the place where this Victoria´s Secret Show happened. To her disgrace and for the first time in history, a model fell while walking.

Indeed, Ming Xi was so unlucky she fell just when she was saluting the Chinese audience in her hometown. At least, she kept walking soon thereafter. What I do not know is whether Victoria´s Secret will air this incident or will omit it….


Russia and Brazil are two countries from which plenty of models come. There are a lot of Russian models in the fashion industry. However, none of them walked at this year show because Chinese authorities denied Russian models to enter into China. Nobody knows the reason, yet the truth is you will not see any Russian models in the show this year.


Elsa Hosk is one of my favourite models (you can read a post by Halcombe about the best 30 supermodels in the fashion industry). She has not been selected to wear the special bra as yet despite all her appearances (7 times thus far). She at least wears an outfit especially made by Swarovski, which is so incredible she looked perfect.


It is Brazilian beauty Lais Ribeiro who wears the special bra this year which costs more than two million dollars. Elsa Hosk will have to wait one more time, although her Swarovski outfit is impressive as well.


Let´s focus on the main subject of this post. Punk means literally a criminal who lives outside of society. It had an awful meaning before it represented a music movement. However, the word punk and punk culture are not so horrendous nowadays.

Balmain is an exclusive brand. Similarly, Victoria´s Secret angels epitomize perfection. However, using punk inspiration, these models look different but they still look radiant while wearing these outfits. This collection is not available yet, but what I have seen is just brilliant. In fact, this is a great collection, because punk-Balmain and Victoria´s Secret is an extraordinary combination as you may discover soon.


To end up, some exclusive news. Legendary Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio who has been for more a decade an angel, and has likewise appeared in this show plenty of times, has secretly revealed she is retiring from Victoria´s Secret. Hence, you should watch the show next week as it will be the last time Alessandra Ambrosio wears the iconic wings.

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