Chapter 8 – Facts about the Association of Model Agents (AMA)

As a prospective model; or working model; it is important that you get your facts about this association, AMA. This is the trade association of the UK model industry. It was founded in the 1970s, and is made up of almost all the notable UK agents as its members.

The AMA council which comprises of member agents meet often to discuss issues relating to the industry. It aims at promoting the interests of its members and the models they are representing. All members are mandated to adhere to certain strict criterion that governs the running of their business.

The AMA keeps close contact with its clients and the governing bodies that regulate its practices. These governing bodies include the DBERR, the OFT, and HMCR.

Association of Model Agents (AMA) aims at creating one voice for the UK modelling industry. Its objectives goes along with the agenda of its members which is to discover, develop and deploy fashion models so as to enable them to enjoy profitable and fulfilling careers.

The AMA Council and its members meet occasionally to maintain on-going dialogue with clients from every sector as well as with other relevant stakeholders. These include NGOs in addition to governmental and regulatory bodies. These dialogues are conducted with the view to enhancing the working conditions and remuneration of the models which the AMA’s members represent.

In a survey carried out of recent by AMA, UK models represented by an AMA member agency all concurred that their booking agents treated them with full respect and professionally; with an average rating of 45 out of 50.

You can find out more about their Terms of Service at . They are governed by a legal constitution of which all agents wishing to join up with them must satisfy, and be approved by the AMA council.

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