As November bites and the cold arrives Halcombe writes!!!!

November has come to our lives. Henceforth, Halcombe is to write fewer articles. This 2018 has been prolific with a plethora of pieces of writing. What is more, some of the articles have been relevant in the sense they took issue with serious matters. For instance, let´s remember my article about Tibet and its huge controversy over Dalai Lama Dalai Lama. It is two since weeks since I last published here and today you can read a juicy November article!!!! Discover my new nickname without going any further.


Vox Lux is the title of a promising movie that has Natalie Portman as the main protagonist. The trailer is utterly interesting as the acting of Portman is notable. Notable because she has to act as a modern diva, she is a pop star. She could win an Oscar. Moreover, she has Jude Law acting alongside her.


The United States of America is going to live a really interesting political battle. Midterm Elections are near and plenty of experts share the same opinion: Voters could inflict a severe punishment. So severe Republicans can lose a lot of States.

One of the most interesting battles is taking place in Texas where current Senator Ted Cruz is fighting against Beto O´Rourke. Texas usually votes Republican. Indeed, a long time has passed since a Democrat took control of the Lone State. 

Ted Cruz was on the verge of becoming the Republican nominee. Surprisingly, he was the remaining one who faced Donald Trump.

It was such a cruel battle, Donald Trump used dirty tricks to beat him. Firstly, the current president called Ted Cruz “Lying Cruz“.

Subsequently, Trump accused the father of Ted Cruz of being friends with the assassin of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It can sound crazy but this made a huge impact. In fact, Trump assured everybody that the dad of Ted Cruz and JFK murderer dined together the night before the shooting.

Furthermore, Donald Trump insulted the wife of Ted Cruz. According to Trump, his wife was too ugly. Finally, since Ted Cruz was born in Canada, people attacked Ted Cruz continually.

Now nonetheless it is not Donald Trump but a real politician who faces Ted Cruz. Betto O´Rourke is not a television star but he is a real politician with a punk past who can make history.


The reader already knows Halcombe lives in a rural part of Spain. People tend to have nicknames. My real name is Alberto Gonzalo. Gonzalo is my surname but as it sounds cool my sister would call me Gonzalo. Likewise, people in High School did too. However, my pen name is Halcombe, the name I use to write. What is more, my real name is a sign in Sign Language because my parents are deaf.

Nevertheless, life has this kind of issues. Now I have a new nickname, a modern one. It has nothing to say with regards to my real name (Alberto Gonzalo or sign language) nor with my writing skills (Halcombe).

My new nickname is serious, it is a serious matter.” El Afilador de Cuchillos asesinos”  something like “Sharpener of deadly knives”. The explanation is simple. Some years ago, a great friend of mine killed 35 people with a knife. Nobody can assure this, Halcombe aside. Whether this is true or not, only Halcombe can tell. In fact, my beloved best friend told me about this in a private meeting at his house.

Do you like my new nickname? Are you going to watch Vox Lux? Will Betto O´Rourke beat Ted Cruz in Texas next week? Do share and comment this November article