Artists I am listening to right now: Halsey, Florence Welch, Eleni Foureira, Manu Chao, Eminem and Lo Malo Remix

 Halcombe brings you today some of the songs I am listening to right now. To say the truth, I have a private Spotify account where I tend to create as many playlists as I can do. I do not want people to discover my playlists, at least what they do have is my posts where I explain my music preferences. Today you can discover the songs I am listening to at the moment. Keep reading.

The songs I am listening right now are the following:


One of my favorite artists is Florence Welch. She is one of the best artists in the world for sure. One of her songs which I enjoy the most is Ship to Wreck. The lyrics are impressive, the song contains a Biblical message.


The Slim Shady LP is one of my favorite music albums ever. I come back to it whenever I can. One of the songs I enjoy the most is Cum on everybody. Eminem knows how to write good songs.


Most of the pop artists come from America or the United Kingdom. This is one of the reasons I believe having Eleni Foureira in the international sphere is good news for everybody. She was born in Albania, yet she is a big star in Greece.

Eleni Foureira lives in Greece where she is a star. Her single Fuego is sheer talent. Her performance at last edition of Euro Vision became the 2nd most important of the contest.

I am also listening to her hit Pom Pom. However, my command of Greek is not so fabulous to understand what she is conveying.


Halsey is a New Jersey artist. Nonetheless, her artist name comes from a train station in the city of New York where she lives now. She recorded an impressive music album last year. The song I am listening to from Halsey is Bad at love


Manu Chao is a French artist who sings in several languages. His music is rich in all senses. I used to listen to Manu Chao in the past and now the song I am listening to is La Primavera. 


To end up, I am not a big fan of music in Spanish. I do not really know the reason, let alone when this music comes from a television programme. Notwithstanding this notion, I have discovered a song in Spanish from a television programme that it is both funny and political.

This song is called “Lo malo”, something like (The bad). It has become so popular in Spain, they have just recorded a new version. At first, there were two friends who sang it. Now they have recorded it with four friends, four girls who go out one night.

This song is dedicated to Carles Puigdemont, emperor of Catalonia who lives overseas and cannot enter into Spain, thereby, this song makes fun of the strange situation.

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