The adventures of Halcombe Norilsk and other gripping tales

The adventures of Halcombe Norilsk and other gripping tales is the title of my new book. Escarcha Models readers are the first to know it. This is my first ever book in English, the second of Halcombe overall. I published a book in Spanish called Ser un Tusitala this year, it was the topic of one post on this blog.

This second book is special for me because English is not my first language but it is a language in which I have been working for a long time. This book is to be published in United States of America. It is divided in two parts. The first part of this book of Halcombe is about several adventures of this peerless character which takes place all around the world.

Halcombe was born in Norilsk, Siberia, Eastern Russia. This is a place which was chosen as the worst in the world to live several times in a row. Because of such a painful notion, Halcombe decides to travel the world to prove his skills. He believes he is chosen to succeed. Reality proves otherwise.

This first part is written in a fun, humorous tenor. It is fictional, yet anybody can suffer the same experiences than Halcombe. This book will be available worldwide.

The second part of this book; The adventures of Halcombe Norilsk and other gripping tales is a wide array of different stories that creates a huge compilation of essays on music, culture, history, sport, personal experiences or travel. These are articles I have been writing last four years.

Lastly, given how generous Halcombe is and this is a blog on a model agency website. You can read a part included on this book of Halcombe; the adventures of Halcombe Norilsk and other gripping tales.

This small chapter tells of the day Halcombe decided to work as a male model and what he experienced. Hope you can find it funny.

                                            Halcombe Norilsk as a model

Halcombe Norilsk decided one day to become a model. He had been dismissed as an idiot and a sexual predator before, but he was at least handsome. Therefore, he entered a model agency feeling ready to make a foray into the world of modelling.

He heard a conversation of a famous designer of a prestigious French label talking about a Christmas commercial in Paris, starring a heartthrob and a starlet of a famous Hollywood scion wearing swanky clothes and posing like a slick icon of fashion.

It was the hunky-dory opportunity for him, he believed. He saw himself on the cover of GQ and Vogue magazines and married to a rich heiress. Nevertheless, he encountered some powerful shenanigans in the model agency; the people jeered at him as his accent sounded horrible.

The only three words he knew in French were the wrong ones to this commercial, and he had an ugly, fat tummy overlaid with a far too strange (although compulsory) tattoo from his days in prison.

Because of his body, he was sent to his real fashion job. He ended up working in a hosiery shop, playing hoopla and looking after a poodle to attract older widows who were having some staycation days.

Halcombe felt as he was incarcerated. Consequently, he shunned this fashion world, as he felt he had received an outright drubbing. Lastly, he screamed to himself in revenge; “Tut-tut! Leave this strange world, as abound other, better places to discover.”