23rd of April: books, flowers, movies…and even a brand new car for Halcombe

Hi again dear and lovely readers of Halcombe. Hope you have digested all the articles regarding politics, if not, do not worry because this article is not going to change the world. In fact, I am to talk about some interesting subjects that you may find interesting. This is because today is 23rd of April.


Today, 23 of April is the official day of my region, Aragon, and also the official day of another region Catalonia, that is not living a good moment (read the recent article of Halcombe about the brilliant female politician Inés Arrimadas, Catalonia and Donald Trump) Inés Arrimadas 

What is more, a very beautiful tradition takes place this day (in Catalonia this is huge), men buy roses and women books as presents to celebrate it. On this day, one of the best writers in human history was born, Cervantes, accordingly, a literary prize is handed over. Similarly, the most important cities usually have a book fair during the month of April.

23th of April is called San Jorge in my region, Aragon, and Sant Jordi in Catalonia. (Jorge and Jordi stand for George in English).


Arturo Pérez Reverte is one of the best writers in Spain. As we are in April I have bought a book, this book is the newest Arturo Pérez Reverte has published. The title of this book is “Los perros duros no bailansomething like “Tough dogs do not dance”. As you can guess, this book has dogs as protagonists.


Martin Scorsese is my favorite filmmaker. Stanley Kubrick is the best ever, he is so big that rests in heaven. Francis Ford Coppola is also a genius, his first movies are insuperable. However, I prefer Martin Scorsese as I feel I can relate to him more easily. Indeed, he comes from a humble background and he makes movies for the sake of doing art. If Martin Scorsese presents a movie, Halcombe will watch it for sure.

One of the movies I have taken into consideration to write my fictional novel is Goodfellas. I really like the character of Joe Pesci. Joe Pesci won an Oscar because of this movie. As a matter of fact, I pay homage to this movie throughout the book. If you want to know more, read the novel!!


As you may remember, I have told here before that Opel has a big factory in my region. Up to 25 thousand people work therein. Consequently, if I buy a car (Opel Corsa) I am supporting this factory. It is a long time since I last drove a car and I do not know what will happen…


Spanish railway system is amongst the best in the world. Sometimes I take a train from Tudela (Navarra) to Zaragoza (Aragon) as state company Renfe treats customers perfectly. Whilst I enjoy a beautiful landscape during a pleasant trip I write articles on my laptop as the picture depicts.

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