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The world around us changes. From one black and white tv in an entire neighbourhood to a “computer, camera and phone in one” in everyone’s pocket. This is a continuous process, and whether you like it or not, it’s unstoppable. In the same way, the fashion and modelling world is changing. The world has never been as small as it is nowadays with new technology. Wars are being made while the world is watching; on twitter and other social media, you can follow everyone and everything 24 hours a day, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

ESCARCHA has a leading role in this process in the fashion and modelling industry. With our advanced digital network, consisting of models, modelling agencies and photographers, we want to make this world just as small – and accessible. In fact, we’re bringing the fashion world closer to ‘common people’, to create new opportunities for those working in this industry. Do you want to know what ESCARCHA can do for you? Go to “services” and join the world around us!


Our Team

Ismaël Doc

Ismaël Doc

Chief Executive Officer

The founder and CEO of Escarcha.

Anna Turner

Anna Turner

Blog Editor

Verantwoordelijk voor de blogs en overige content van de website

Marcus Talent

Marcus Talent

Talenten Scout

Hoofd talenten selectie

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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Please click here when you want to submit yourself @ ESCARCHA without using a mobile phone.

The way to a successful modelling career is often long and it may now and then seem impossible. Together with ESCARCHA, the route to success can take a different turn. Of course we can’t promise anything; often it’s all about that one moment that accelerates your career. Doutzen Kroes, for example, reached the top of the modelling world because of a simple sailing picture. But what we can do, is offering you a new, international podium which helps you becoming more visible. We work with dozens of model agencies all over the world. We offer the podium, you bring in the talent. Your privacy is very important for the team of ESCARCHA. That’s why only approved agencies can contact you within the system. All other users of the app can “only” admire and appreciate your picture. You also decide what information is visible for users. In this way, you can use our podium without worries. So take the opportunity and sign up for the app. Click “download” in the menu to go to the Apple or Android store.

Modeling Agencies

Modeling Agencies

At ESCARCHA, we have an eye for the world around us. The world as we see it is a source of beauty. With our system, we offer starting models and young talents a podium to make this beauty visible for a larger public, in a safe way and with concern for the privacy of users. We offer only modelling agencies the opportunity to come into contact with these young talents. Not only online activities and the social network form the driving force behind ESCARCHA. We also have experienced scouts walking around, who are finding new talents every day to work with top agencies all over the world. During this process, we highly value the wishes and standards of the modelling agencies. A lot of agencies have already joined the ESCARCHA Network. Apply your business too with this registration form and be a part of a new modelling network.



Photographers fulfil an important role in the fashion world. Not only do they have to record the best side of the model, they also have to do this in a creative and artistic way, for which they have to win the trust of the model. In the end, it comes down to the joint effort of the model and the photograph. That’s why we’re putting a lot of effort in integrating a podium for photographers in our network system. More about this soon…



Do you know someone who deserves to be on a stage, or better, on the cover of the new Vogue? Let this person know about the ESCARCHA network. You can do this by downloading the app, or by mail, Facebook or Twitter. Besides, you can rate this person or thousands of others in the app. Not only is this fun to do, your feedback is also very important for interested agencies. So sign up for the app and give your opinion!



The ESCARCHA modelling network depends in a lot of ways on the partners we’re working with. We offer partners the opportunity to benefit from the success of our network and ask in exchange that partners become a part of this success. Do you see a possibility to improve the ESCARCHA network with your business? Or can we help each other in another way? Please contact us with the form. We’re looking forward to a successful cooperation.

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Forget about 1st of September: Let´s focus on the 13th instead!!!

Today it is the first of September. This day is even more relevant than the first of January. While we are drunk on the first of January we are depressed today because we have to work again or to study one more time. Besides, the sheer magic of August and summer disappear thereby. However, why Halcombe wants us to remember the 13th of September?? You should keep reading…

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It is just two years since I started writing articles for Escarcha Models. Am I going to write something special? Of course not… but I visited recently the statue of American writer Ernest Hemingway in Pamplona. Thanks to him the run of the bulls in Pamplona (Northern Spain) is a major television event nowadays. Furthermore, I visited the province of Soria. Keep reading dear reader!!! 

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Hi everyone!

Writing is my passion and perhaps at what I am best. I am from Tarazona, northern Spain. My mother tongue is sign language as my parents are deaf. I like movies, music, fashion, culture in general and I deeply admire the profession of model. I have published a book titled Ser un Tusitala. Follow me on social media and feel free to contact me. Yet, above all; Hope you do love my stories!!

Follow me on instagram: @halcombe_norilsk


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